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The Best Way To Spread Christmas Cheer Is Singing Loud For All To Hear

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Gangnam Style off the charts.

With one song 34-year-old Park Jae-Sang or also known as PSY , got 1 billion hits on you-tube , click by click he got richer and richer. The first Asian/Korean pop artist to get a huge global audience  and is set to be a million-air from you-tube ads, iTunes downloads and TV commercials, it’s TV commercials that get you the big bucks, PSY was popping up in south Korea for mobial ads such as ring tones and videos ect.

One of the biggest hits in all of Korea, PSY and his crew now earn $7.9 million just form this year.          Gangnam style the dance on riding an invisible  horse is the most watched video online ever!! It has had over 880 million views since it’s release in June beating Justin bieber and his video baby, getting more then 808 million views since February 2010.  PSY also get’s money from parody’s of his song, his agent YG say’s .

The country with the most views of Gangnam style was the United States, it was downloaded 2.7 million times in U.S, and is #1 or #2 top most listened to and watched music video since it came out.

PSY was jetting around the world and preforming on shows such as the X-Factor Australia  and NBC’s today show .

People now wounder what will happen with PSY… Will he keep this new musical style or let people    remember him as a famous One-Hit-Wonder..Do you know what happens next?

My opinion is that  Gangnam style is the greatest song ever, I love dancing to it, me and my friends always dance to it in gym, and going outside. I think that PSY should keep up his funny dancing video’s and give  everyone more things to remember him about, don’t you think?


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Endangered species , How can you help?

This is blog post #3 , every so often we are asked to write a blog post about something we like and are interested in picking one isn’t as easy as you probably think it is, because you should know a lot about the story and have stuff to back you up with and you need to be interested in it , so i found that on my google reader  there was a thing about bat’s and snakes and other species going extinct, it make me think… What could other people including me do to help this cause go away? and to help animals/species around the world, because each day another animal has died. Do you care?

Now marked as the 10th anniversary for animals/species/plants at  risk, there is dozens more are at risk each day.. Species that are endangered are some of canadas main animal’s. Some species that are endangered are

  • Polar bears
  • Turtles
  •  rattle snakes
  • Beluga-whales
  • snowy Owls
  • Seals  
  • Bats
  • Hubmback-whale
  • White sturgeon
  • south-mount Caribu
  • Marble-Murrlete
  • Ants

There are animals that are slowly dying each day, Because of a deadly fungal disease. Report’s say that there is virtually no bats left. The population of bats started as 10,000 a couple of years ago and dropped to 100 today,Just last week aprofessor and his students from the university of British Columbia discovered that they couldget rid of this disease… But it would take time, a lot of time and money.

4 endangered species are are living on the line of a proposed oil pipeline , these animals are in serious danger of being killed. There is now 668 wildlife species listed by the commitee, 297 endanger , 159 threathened , and 190 in special concern.

Can you make a change for these animals? Would you help them live?

My opinon is , is that ever single day we live, an animal is dying somewhere in the world, and how can we stop this from happening.  Writing this post I started to think…what if we were those animals, wouldn’t you want people to help you if you were slowly going away because i would, even tho my family traps ,fish’s hunt’s and stuff that doesn’t mean  that we can’t help other animals live.

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Will it end?

Hello Wordpress , So lately I’ve been hearing people say things about the world ending… Weird, right?

I know that the world was supposed to end in 2010, and 2012 on December 21. Now that it’s December I think for the people who haven’t heard about this, which i’m pretty sure everyone has..but just in case, the world is supposed to end on December 21, 2012. Most say it’s just going to explode, but i think it would ether end from Zombies(zombie land) , pollution , or it would explode… How do you think the world is going to end? The world will end one day, and i’m pretty sure every one already knows that , because lots of people talk about it, and honestly it  kind of scares me  some times.

But just to be safe I already have a plan for if we were to have a zombie apocalypse it would of probably started from a virus and then it started to spread. But if most of you watch ‘  The Walking Dead ‘ and play zombie games and stuff then you would know that if that were to happen … which it could, we would all go eventually, because when you die , you turn. Or if you have ever watched the movie called ‘ The road ‘ , the world could just go to ashes and burn, Unlike a lot of people I have a plan for when  Zombie Land happens.

                                           tips for zombie apocalypse ( Rules from ZombieLand// Movie)

  • Cardio , Make sure you can run !
  • Double Tap , To avoid becoming a human happy meal, they could us one more shot  ( in the head)
  • Beware or bathrooms, Zombie’s can tell when your at your loniest
  • Don’t be a hero, but sometimes this rule is meant to be broken.
  • get a strong/ non-scared partner, so he/she can do every thing.
  • Limber Up, you could pull a muscle
  • Seat-belts, so you don’t fly through the windows…
  • When in doubt, know your way out, going into any house/store or place knowing your way out fast is going to save your life.

Most of these tips would probably help you, but like me already prepared for this. But people reading this probably think i’m absolutely crazy and stuff, but you never know what could happen in this world, because it will eventually be destroyed. So reading this post I hope it helped, so your prepared to have a Zombie apocalypse !! (By the way… If you didn’t realize but i’m oddly obsessed with zombies)… Bye 🙂

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Mechanical bugs from old watch parts

Artist Justin Gershenson-Gates a self-taught tinkerer has made an incredibale invention of bugs made with old watch parts and jewlery.

Besides Justin’s fright of spiders and other insects he say’s there is something about these one’s that are cute.

After getting back from vacation Gates had online interview that lead to  revealing his invention of bugs made form old watch parts.

These bugs take from 3-12 hours to make and usually sell for up to $300.00 per bug. He makes these parts from watches from the 1880’s and 1950’s, because one’s made more recently aren’t as good as quality. Gates say’s that instead of “art for jewlery’s sake” it’s “art for art’s sake” .


Gates say’s that when he start’s something he fishes it, and when he starts his enventions he doesnt stop, he keeps on cutting,shaping,sanding untill they are 100% finished, He is a great artist and could teach us everyone else alot about art .

When you start something, finish it! A Great way to learn from things.

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Pregnant? Or Cancer?

We were asked to do a post on something we thought would interest others, so on my google reader I had subscribed to a page called CBC| Top story news . I had found something very interesting that  I would like to share with the people on word press.

A Mans Pregnancy or Cancer?

Something that stared as an online joke, turned out to be real.

On november 7th, 2012 an 18 year old man had tooken his ex-girlfriends pregnancy test and tryed it… Soon enough the test came out POSITIVE!!! This young man’s friend had posted online about this and soon everyone knew, this got global and something that everyone thought wasn’t possible turns out it’s  really not. It turns out this young man had cancer, and got it confused with being pregnant. A false pregnancy could mean a horrible medical problem, which isn’t good! A way men could know if they were pregnant is by doing what this guy did, and there is a thing called chorionic gonadotropin. It’s a hormone that all boys and girls have,but girls have different reactions to it then boys do,boys could end up with testostural cancer or something else.But something in this hormone could cause a man to have cancer!


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1 Lady, 1 duck, 1 Mystery…

Five Card Story: 1 lady, 1 Duck, 1 Mystery….

a Five Card Flickr story created by Alex & Kassie

flickr photo by bionicteaching

flickr photo by Serenae

flickr photo by bgblogging

flickr photo by hummingcrow

flickr photo by Serenae

One bright sunny day, we were on the ferris weel, and we saw this mysterious lady in black who was holding an umbrella… Which was weird because it was not raining. then we got of the ferris weel, and watched this mysterious woman in black push open this gibbled old gate with green and yellow paint splats on it. We followed her down the street to a sign that read ‘DO NOT DISTURB’. (By this time we felt like total stalkers)… So she started running faster and faster and then suddenly she tripped over a goose and vanished!
The End 🙂